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Congrats on completing the Maximizing Your CBD Brand Quiz….but now you might be wondering what do you DO?

Based on your results, I’ve put together a 7-part email series to guide you through how to create a roadmap for your business. Whether you’re looking to identify your target audience, or looking for the best way to stand out, find new marketing tactics that you can use even with the limitations we face as CBD businesses, we want to create and implement an actionable marketing strategy that makes an impact. 

No matter where you are in your business, it is good to go back to the basics and assess where you’re at, where you want to go, and review the roadmap you’re taking to get there. Whether you’re adding more products to your line or launching a new offering, you’re in the right place. 

Creating a CBD company that lasts is no easy thing. Between limited payment options, to changing regulations, it takes a lot to stand out. It requires creating a strong brand story that resonates with your audience. We want to create loyal customers that can’t stop talking about your product or service. 

Developing a strong brand that lasts isn’t just about the profits, but it is about aligning your values with your audience and amplifying that message. 

You’re not here because you only want to make money. You’re here because you have a passion for health and wellness because you believe that hemp and cannabis CBD can make a difference in people’s lives, and so can your business. 

This is bigger than all of us. 

And we want to make sure that everyone knows who you are. This is about taking your product, service or offering and making it bigger than you. Because only then can you reach more people, make more money, and do your part to help change the world.

Want to make your CBD Business even more successful and don’t want to wait? Keep reading to  learn more the new course I’m creating!

Learn How You can Grow Your Business! 

You don’t have to approach your marketing alone!
Based on your results, you might be interested in joining the waitlist to Motavate Your Market, my new CBD Marketing Lab. It isn’t a course, it’s a guided DIY marketing lab. Forget about buying a course and never completing it. This is us, working together in a small group to create marketing and messaging so your brand can stand out, and be recognized, remembered, and recommended.
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  • Create a roadmap designed to get your CBD business where you want it to go, even if it’s all the way to the top. Especially if it’s all the way to the top.
  • Exude so much confidence in your business growth plan and marketing knowledge that you’ll be able to rock meetings with investors, consultants, and potential hires for your team.
  • Know your target customer so well, you’ll know her name, her age, the dates of her kids birthdays, and you’ll know all the spots she hides junk food in the house, even the Halloween candy that’s hidden in the Instapot.
  • Understand how to make the biggest impact with the least amount of money, because there’s no reason to spend thousands of dollars when you don’t have to.
  • Be able to strategically approach your social media like a rockstar influencer. 
  • Have a proven method to review and assess new marketing opportunities. Because there are 100s of marketing and advertising opportunities, and you need an easy way to strain out the crap and keep the good stuff, like the clean, clear CBD oil we love so much.
  • Clarity around each step of how you’ll amplify the growth of your business. Because you want to take what’s amazing about your offerings and share it with the world. Through skywriting, or spelling it out in veggies on pizza, or through amazing storytelling when you’re on stage talking about how you created the most successful CBD offerings in the world.

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Kendra Losee

Who Am I?

Kendra Losee is an award-winning marketing strategist with more than 20 years of experience. In 2016, she started Mota Marketing to work with cannabis and hemp CBD companies. Mota Marketing develops and executes marketing strategies designed to help launch lasting brands that make an impact in this rapidly changing, highly regulated space.

In addition to public speaking, guest appearances on podcasts, and teaching business owners about social media, Kendra hosts Cannabis Marketing Live, All Puff, No Fluff, a Facebook Live show, where she interviews brands and cannabis industry experts. She also manages a Facebook community of women entrepreneurs in CBD.

In 2011, she was named Higher Education Marketer of the Year, by the American Marketing Association, for her work at National University. Kendra earned her BA in Communications from UCSD, her Executive MBA from the Krannert School of Management at Purdue University and is halfway through her MFA in Creative Writing from National University.

Occasionally Kendra uses her marketing students to test out her imaginary comedy routine. By all accounts, she remains funnier in her head than to others.

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