Marketing Playbook for Regulated Industries

Thanks for stopping by! If you’re looking for the Marketing Playbook for Regulated Industries, you’re in the right place. The playbook is designed for people who are marketing businesses in regulated industries and are often stuck trying to find new ways to reach, connect, and engage your target audience. In it you’ll learn:

  • How to turn regulations and constraints into opportunities
  • How using propelling questions can spark creativity and new ideas
  • How to put together your own Brand MOTAvate Plan to help accelerate growth

Those are just a few of the steps addressed in more detail throughout the guide.

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Tired of struggling against the limitations of regulations and constraints? 

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    Who Am I?

    Kendra Losee, CEO of Mota Marketing, helps cannabis and hemp CBD companies jumpstart their brand and accelerate their sales. With more than 20 years of award-winning marketing experience, I specialize in creating and executing marketing strategies that help companies grow. In addition, I host a live show, Cannabis Marketing Live, All Puff, No Fluff, and regularly teach graduate-level social media and marketing courses.

    Learning to Overcome Constraints

    While I was always aware of constraints, I was managing the marketing department at a large university. We were competing against global online universities and had only a fraction of their marketing budget. Our marketing budget was so small we would joke that it wasn’t even a “rounding error” of the larger for-profit colleges.

    But the expectations were that I would still increase our leads and the number of new students.

    It was then that I learned to step back and start looking at this huge budget limitation in a different way. With only a small team we were able to implement story-telling a user-generated-content strategies long before they became trendy.

    But it is only through learning how to flip the mindset and find ways to work within huge constraints (whether regulatory, resource-driven, time limitations, etc.) that I was able to help the university grow – and all of my clients since then.

    And with this playbook and my help, I can do the same for you. If you’re struggling, let’s connect.

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