You’re here! You made it!

We’re going to create a video for your brand

that will help you increase visibility, connect with your customers,

and grow your business!

And we’re going to have fun doing it.

Cheers to you for joining the five-day free challenge!

Get ready to create and have fun.

📆 The challenge starts on September 21st.

👉🏼 Keep an eye out for emails as we get closer. You won’t want to miss any of the details!

There will get a Facebook Group just for the challenge, and possibly a video or two from me before we get started.

You’ll also receive some pre-work. I want us all starting from the same place, and the pre-work is a simple worksheet that will help us do that before things kick-off!

I can’t wait to see the videos you create.

Let’s do great things!


P.S. If we’re not connected on social media yet, let’s fix that! 

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