Live Events, The Cannabis Community, and How We Stay Connected in Today’s Reality

Before COVID19, live events and the cannabis community had gotten the hang of working together to bridge the needs of businesses and consumers. I have met some of the most amazing people in live events. I loved how much passion the participants had when they walked through the event venue doors. Newcomers and veterans in […]


Intellectual Property Protection, Cannabis Businesses, and IP Laws

What do you know about the correlation intellectual property protection, cannabis businesses, and IP laws? It’s not surprising that cannabis-focused entrepreneurs have trouble getting access to information that would be vital for the durability of their brand. With things changing on the regular, cannabis businesses race to get a hold of reliable information and find […]


Top 3 Tips to Cannabis Marketing Success

There probably won’t come a day where we don’t need great marketing insight, especially when dealing with the cannabis industry. With cannabis regulations and processes evolving so often, proactive learning has become an even more indispensable skill. Being in-the-know proves useful especially for newcomers because there’s just so much room for growth in this [...]

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