We see the world differently.

Cannabis and Hemp CBD Marketing Strategies

to Accelerate Your Business Growth


In this quickly changing industry, it is more important than ever for you to be prepared! It’s critical for you to easily communicate your company’s unique story, learn how to reach your target audience, and grow your business.

That’s where Mota Marketing comes in.

We look at the world differently.

We find unique connections and help you develop marketing strategies and tactics to attract and connect with your clients and customers.

When I started working in the marketing of higher education, the world was a different place. Marketing was relatively new in higher education, and it was filled with unique challenges and amazing opportunities.

Sound familiar?

Nearly 15 years ago, universities didn’t think they needed marketing. Then the industry underwent dramatic changes that led to billions of marketing dollars spent annually worldwide.

How do you compete against big marketing budgets?

By understanding your business, your audience, developing a strong brand and finding unique opportunities. By marketing smarter. With innovative campaigns to reach your audience.

Kendra Losee
I’m Kendra Losee, an award-winning marketer with a passion for helping business-owners in the cannabis space tell their story, reach their audience, and grow your company!
Woman working in cannabis business

Cannabis Marketing Expertise

The ability to find the right cannabis marketing resources who can educate, coach, consult, and collaborate is key.

At Mota Marketing, we’re familiar with the unique opportunities and challenges of marketing cannabis. Understanding the laws, regulations, limitations, and opportunities when it comes to marketing cannabis is critical to the success and longevity of your business.

We want to share our expertise and the best practices we’ve found over the years to help you reach your revenue and income goals.

Our Values

Live Your Life Like Hermione

Like a favorite character in the Harry Potter series, we are always learning. Constantly asking questions, researching, and learning about the latest changes to regulations, trends and best practices. Then we bring you the key insights relevant for your business. We pay attention to marketing so you don’t have to.

with a little help from my friends

Business is about people, about connecting with your tribe and helping each other grow and succeed. Particularly in the cannabis space, our community is key! We’re in this together, navigating the uncharted and changing waters of the cannabis space. Let’s learn and grow together.

Embrace Your Inner Sherlock Holmes

Follow the clues. Listen, analyze, and find the possibilities. We look at the world in a different way to find the connections, create actionable plans, and test our results. At Mota Marketing, we strive to bring innovation, unique partnerships, and excellence for your business.

Make the World a Better Place

Social responsibility is critical to our success and central to our company. We place a lot of importance in helping others improve lives, and respect for the environment we live in. From small gestures to big beliefs, we take strides to make the world a better place.

We’re scalable

The marketing strategies and plans we create are actionable and work for your budget, your business, and your customers.

In addition, we have a network of trusted resources who are experts at managing and implementing strategies. From developing websites to brand development, public relations, content and social media marketing, email, and more. If you need resources to implement the plan, be assured that we have you covered!

Kendra Losee

Who We Are

If you’ve made it this far, you might be wondering who exactly is behind Mota Marketing. That would be me, Kendra Losee.

I wrote my first business letter for my father’s business when I was 15. It wasn’t called “content marketing” then, but even at 15, I understood the importance of connecting with the audience. Since writing that first sales letter, I’ve been working in marketing in some capacity ever since.

After working in marketing across many different industries, I eventually settled on higher education because of the difference it could make in people’s lives. Instead of taking a job as a Chief Marketing Officer, I gave myself a demotion and worked at a digital agency so I could get close to the marketing work, and be more hands on.

My road into cannabis marketing came much later, even though exposure to it started early. You can’t help but have plenty of exposure to cannabis when you grow up in Santa Cruz, CA. However, it wasn’t until I started to understand the health benefits of cannabis that I began researching the space from a business and marketing perspective.

Seeing the positive impact cannabis can have on people’s lives ignited my passion in wanting to help bring it to a wider audience. I started to look for ways I can use my expertise to help business owners with similar goals.

While the leap from marketing education to marketing cannabis might seem significant, they are both areas that help people improve their lives. Even with my MBA from Purdue, and all my experience in business, it turns out I’m altruistic at heart.

That’s my story, what’s yours? Connect with me and share your journey on how you became involved in the cannabis space!

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