How to Profit from Video in the Cannabis Industry

Did you know that creating video in the cannabis industry is a powerful way to spread your brand message?

Unlike other forms of media, video content allows you to create a bond with your audience more easily. It sets the tone and makes it easier for you to deliver key updates to help people stay informed. Video enables your brand to set itself as an expert capable of providing reliable insight about the cannabis community and industry.

But aside from using video as a way to bring awareness to your brand, did you know that you can also use it to boost your income?

Have you wondered how top marketers use video in the cannabis industry to boost your profits? Well, you’re in luck! We’ve got Parchelle Tashi, Owner of Tashi Media, here to share her best practices on how you can do just that!

 In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How to profit from video in the cannabis industry
  • The importance of video content marketing and how it aligns with educating your audience
  • Why you should niche down
  • How can a brand demonstrate empathy through video

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Welcome to Cannabis Marketing Live — All Puff. No Fluff!

If you’ve been following Cannabis Marketing Live for a while now, I think you can attest to just how much I love video content and marketing. I mean, what’s not to love? It’s personalized. It’s dynamic. The search engines and social media platforms love it. Consumers love it.

Plus, you can do so many things with it! You can create blog posts out of it, extract the audio and use it for a podcast, splice the show to create mini-episodes… seriously, it’s a gift that keeps giving!

And I’ve got just the guest to help convince you to start making videos for your business.

Getting to know our featured guest


Nearly a decade ago, Parchelle launched her first video production company Fresh Level, which built up multiple locations of operation, and produced hundreds of videos across the country, for brands like SeaWorld/Busch Gardens, The Wharton School of Business, and more! 

She’s been crowned a conscious video producer, strategist and coach, and now gets to combine her passion for self-discovery with her expertise in video to help her clients go from making noise to creating IMPACT.

Video in the Cannabis Industry: The 3 Objectives + Benefits

When implementing the use of videos in your marketing strategy, these are the three objectives that will significantly be affected:

  • Awareness
  • Reputation
  • Driving sales

The benefits of including video content in your marketing strategy in the cannabis industry (and beyond):

  • More people are watching video content because it’s easy to consume.
  • Video allows you to include several elements such as images, texts, and audio — it lets you tell more in a short amount of time, making this type of content more dynamic!
  • Video boosts credibility and trust because you are able to inject your brand’s personality and demonstrate your capability to lead, educate, and even entertain.
  • Google loves optimized videos!
  • YouTube is the second largest search platform, you can upload your video content there and increase brand awareness organically.
  • Videos boost leads and conversions because it helps the viewer decide if they relate to your brand or need what you’re offering.
  • Video appeals to different device users (especially mobile users).
  • It engages even the pickiest and adamant customers.
  • On social media, videos get the most reach engagement.

Video episodes are just another type of content. It’s another spin on how people can take your story. So, you break it into pieces and make it compelling so people do want to watch. You want to create and sustain that demand.

– Kendra Losee

The importance of education

According to Parchelle, being the one to provide the information to your followers is vital in building and sustaining your authority and credibility in this industry. That’s because when you’re the one “giving” the information, you are placed in a unique position to encourage certain behaviors.

“When we consider the importance of education in this space right now, you cannot go wrong by educating any of your clients. The fact that they got the information from you helps build that sense of loyalty. Now, you have a bond with them, so I see that as hugely profitable especially when you consider the lifetime value of a customer.”

– Parchelle Tashi

Why you should niche down

During our conversation, Parchelle and I talked about how niching down is actually a good thing.


Because it gives you the mental and creative bandwidth to create things that are focused on what your target audience needs. When you niche down you can channel your effort to what really matters to you and your audience, which creates a greater long-lasting impact in the long run.

What kind of videos should you make in the cannabis industry?

Parchelle says that it depends on what the objective is. What are you trying to achieve? Who are you trying to influence? You should create videos based on what the brand represents, where you need the most awareness, and what action you’re trying to initiate.

Video marketing trends that can work in the cannabis industry

Using episodic content – these are bite-sized content that helps build your relationship with your viewer over time. It’s pretty much a hook that gets people anticipating your future content, thus giving them something to look forward to.

Creating consistent good quality content – people like the safety and security of things they already know, when creating content it should stay consistent, or at least resemble, what people are expecting.

How to build genuine connection with your audience through video content

  1. Be clear and transparent with what message you are trying to convey.
  2. Stay consistent with your version of your story and how you present your story.
  3. Be sensitive to your audiences’ feelings and connect to those feelings through your videos.
  4. Create content that’s specifically geared for your audience.

If a picture is equivalent to a thousand words, then a video is worth so much more than that because it allows us to better connect emotionally.

– Parchelle Tashi

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