The Social Media Management Tools You Need to Grow Your Cannabis or CBD Business

Trial and Error, Research and Recommendations, and Holy Crap, it takes so much time to review different marketing and social media management tools! Not to mention live streaming software, lights, mics, and more. And all of this is to increase your brand awareness, sell more products, and grow your cannabis or hemp CBD company.

I totally get it.

But why should you spend time figuring out different tools and software, when I’ve already done it? I mean really. Step away from your computer, go outside, and do something amazing with the time I just saved you!

Besides, somewhere along the way, I made it my mission to help cannabis and CBD businesses know what marketing tools and products will help your business – and (almost as importantly), these resources welcome your business.

Disclaimer: Some of the links below are affiliate links. This means I may earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.

Social media management tools help you stay connected.

Social Media Tool Recommendations

Did I say I like to try a lot of social media management tools? Because I do. It’s really more of an insatiable need to try ALL the tools and make sure I can make the best recommendations for clients. And I secretly hope to find one that will do everything for me. Including world domination, but that’s a different topic.

There are some great social media management tools out there, many that I can confidently recommend, depending on your goals. Here are a few tools you should know about:

  • Buffer
  • Hootsuite
  • Smarter Queue
  • Sprout Social
  • Meet Edgar
  • Lately
  • Planoly (this option is Awesome, but it only does Instagram. However, if Instagram is your jam, then stop reading now and go sign up!)
  • Tailwind (Tailwind is THE tool if you focus on Instagram and Pinterest.)
Agora Pulse is my recommended social media management tool

However, my favorite to use is AgoraPulse.

It’s easy to use, and makes managing social media easy! The interface is modern and intuitive. They are continually adding functionality. I rely on Agorapulse’s awesome reporting and information so we can continually improve.

Seriously, the ease of posting, reporting, listening, workflow, notes, and tracking is really important.

Another thing is that their customer service is amazing and they are extremely helpful. On the rare times, I need to ask questions, they respond quickly – which is usually when I need quick responses the most!

Try AgoraPulse and see how awesome it is.

Social media tools for your cannabis business.

Technology to Make You A Live Streaming Pro!

For my Facebook Live show, Cannabis Marketing Live, I learned from the best. The reality is that it’s easy to go live, it’s just a matter of just hitting the damn button! But if you want to bring on guests, or take your live show to the next level, there are a few software tools you can use:

  1. OBS. Pro: It’s free. Con: High learning curve. I don’t know about you, but I don’t have time for that.
  2. Be Live. Pro: It looks professional and is easy to use. Con: The monthly subscriptions starts at $19. 
  3. Ecamm. Pro: Ecamm is my personal choice, and if you have a Mac, I highly recommend it. Ecamm is easy to use, makes me look like a star, and was quick to learn. What more can I ask for? Cons: It only works on Macs. The monthly plan starts at $12. Try eCamm Live with Skype Recorder.
Live streaming for social media

Live Streaming Tools

Live streaming takes more than software to make you look like a freaking professional. Not many, but a few of them (audio! Lights!) are key.

Audio: Good audio is a game-changer. To make sure my audio is on point, I rely on my Blue Yeti Mic

(Confession: When I’m traveling, I cheat on my Blue Yeti and use my Shure mic because it is smaller and easier to pack).

And if I’m really traveling, and moving, I use my phone to record, then I use the lavalier Rhode mic for interviews and better sound.

Video: Who doesn’t want to look their best when live streaming? No one, that’s who! I picked up the Logitech HD Pro Webcam to look as good as possible.

Lights: I have a few different lights I use, all in a desire to find the perfect balance between recording in the dark and recording under lights so bright that I look like I’ve been chanting “my precious” in a cave for the past decade.

My favorite is the ring light.

Here’s to Your Social Media Success!

There are so many different technologies and tools available, you want to pick the right one for you. If you’re starting out, you want to keep it as simple as possible. You have the tools, now let’s get started!

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