Make Your Cannabis Brand Stand Out and Matter

In this episode, Lilli Keinaenen, the Founder and Designer for Changemaker Creative and I discuss cannabis branding. What does it take to create a strong brand for your cannabis company?

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Episode 005

In this episode, we cover:

  • What are the biggest changes to packaging regulations in the new draft regulations in California
  • How to make your brand stand out in the cannabis market. Lilli shares key tips for businesses looking to create their brand for their business and products.
  • Are you considering working with a designer? Check out Lilli’s tips and questions you can
    ask if you’re looking to find the right designer to help develop your brand, product design,
    and packaging.
  • Your company name and brand design can be used to tell your brand story. Learn how to get started and what you can expect. AND, the importance of carrying your branding through all the areas of your packaging.
  • Strategies and tips to make sure your packaging is compliant!


About the guest:

Lilli Keinaenen is the Founder and Designer for Changemaker Creative, a design and marketing agency designing the world for the better. Working with the cannabis industry, environmental and social justice nonprofits, sustainable green products, female entrepreneurs, misfits, makers, creative thinkers, movement shakers. Services ranging from branding and packaging to websites, marketing campaigns and beyond. Lilli is a classically trained designer, earned her bachelor of arts, is a complete font nerd, and a perfectionist. Also loves tacos.


You can find Lilli at:

About the host:

Cannabis Marketing Live is hosted by Kendra Losee, CEO of Mota Marketing.

Kendra lives and breaths marketing. In addition to working with clients to determine their marketing strategies, she recently launched a course teaching social media to cannabis entrepreneurs. From social media to traditional marketing, Kendra’s 20 years of marketing experience helps her lead the way in cannabis marketing. And she couldn’t be happier about it.


You can find Kendra at:


Tools I use:


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