Unlock the Secrets to Cannabis Digital Advertising

Did you know there is a way to run cannabis digital advertising for your business? Online, without worrying about your ads getting shut down, flagged, or removed? Well, you can. And our guest, Christian Valdez is going to unlock these secrets to run ads and scale your online advertising.

Finally! A safe place to run digital advertising for your business, and drive results!

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How to run digital advertising at scale
  • Strategies and tips to consider when creating campaigns
  • Creative impact on an audience and the power of A/B testing

Show Notes

Today we have a great episode for you, particularly those who have been asking about what options are available for digital advertising.

Today we’re speaking with Christian Valdez. Christian is a leading executive in the programmatic advertising industry. He is the founder and CEO of Traffic Roots, a digital advertising network that is bringing digital advertising to the cannabis space. Christian brings leading industry Ad network experience and methodologies to help the cannabis brands and publications expand their digital marketing needs.

We know the challenges of cannabis digital marketing for companies. Even CBD companies have to deal with it. What options exist for companies? And how can these efforts be scaled? Traffic Roots provides a platform for cannabis companies to do just that. Learn how it works, and how you can take advantage of it for your cannabis business.

There are several tips for companies to get started. From knowing your audience to understanding how to reach them. In addition, there are great tips for getting started with A/B testing.

Let’s talk about how you can incorporate digital advertising into your marketing strategy.

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