This post is part of a series on how to change cannabis stereotypes. You can start from the beginning.

Years of stereotypes and brainwashing won’t disappear overnight. It will take work on all fronts, from all of us. We’re lucky, many people before us have been pushing legalization. Pick up their torches! Take your place and do your part to lead the way. It’s going to take all of us.

There are social and economic forces at work, including the rapidly changing regulations and laws in the current political climate. We face a lot of uncertainties when it comes to politics and the current administration. It becomes even more critical for us to know where things stand today – legally, economically, and personally with our clients, patients, and customers.

In addition to understanding the political environment, you’ll want to know about the attitudes, opinions, and concerns of those around you. What are your current prospects and customers saying, thinking and feeling about cannabis? One way to find out is to ask your email marketing list. Use a poll or an informal survey!

Reach outside your normal circle to hear from people who don’t use cannabis but are open to it. What has stopped them? Likely it is the stigma or their employers. If it is the stigma, what do they tell you about it? Pay attention to the words they use.

One Action You Can Take Today

Interview at least five customers or people who you think would be your target customers. Find out their opinions, concerns, and feelings about the cannabis industry. What do they think the industry needs to continue changing perceptions? What can you do to help those perceptions?

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