Innovative Marketing to

Revolutionize Your Cannabis Business.

Grow Your Business.

Are you a new or growing cannabis company?

Are you looking to expand your business?

Are you looking to reach new marketplaces that haven’t been part of the cannabis space in the past?

Whether you’re a do-it-yourself entrepreneur looking to develop your marketing plan to get started, or a busy business owner seeking to grow your business, we provide cannabis marketing education, coaching, and consulting services to help you achieve your income goals for your business.

Take your business to the next level with cannabis marketing experience, strategy, passion, and practical know-how.

Welcome to Mota Marketing, a cannabis marketing consultancy based in San Diego, CA!


What would your business be like

if you could…

Ignite Your Marketing

A clear marketing plan and strategy that we can immediately begin implementing sets the foundation for everything else.


Marketing plans may lack the excitement of unicorns and the random creativity of tie-dye, but they are the essential first step to reach and engage with your target audience. They create the roadmap for your success!

Increase Your Marketing Know-How

Through incremental changes or through bold initiatives, we’ll transform your marketing to reach your audience, increase customers, and develop ongoing loyalty for your company.


Note: Increased exposure to marketing will result in an increase of your marketing knowledge. Side-effects can include a working knowledge of marketing jargon like “customer journey”, “look-alike targeting” and “social media algorithms” to name a few.

Increase the Return on Your Marketing Investment

All marketing strategies are designed to support your cannabis business goals.


The goal is for you to generate more income and grow your business. There is a cost associated with paying a cannabis marketing consultants to help with your marketing. But there is a greater cost in the long run if you wait.

Cannabis marketing can reach your target audience
Reach your target audience.

Reach Your Audience.

Attract More Customers.

Grow Your Business.

Marijuana marketing to grow your business

Marketing that Transforms

Your Cannabis Business

Are you tired of having to explain your passion for your cannabis business? Do people roll their eyes or look at you like you’re trying to sell them some cheap weed? The cannabis space continues to evolve and grow and we’re here to help in that transformation.

The old assumptions that we’re all stoners trying to make some extra cash are no longer valid. How often do people make jokes to you about the stereotypes of the kid on the couch in his parent’s basement from the “Just Say No” days? These images and stories told throughout our society have had lasting effects. There is more to change in the cannabis space than your business!

Every business owner and person in the cannabis space has the opportunity to help change it.

It will take positive marketing and public relations to help change the current stereotypes and laws around cannabis. Not to mention all of the hard work being done by people across the country who are fighting to change the laws.

We’re here to continue what others have started in changing the perceptions of cannabis by doing what we do best – providing professional marketing services for your cannabis business.


Mota“, Spanish for Marijuana is a nod to San Diego’s Spanish roots.

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