To New Beginnings…Or…My 3 Words for 2018

For nearly a year, several friends and I would gather for dinner almost every Saturday night before a night out. Inevitably, when it came time to toast for our first drink, we would shout, “to [...]



This post is part of a series on how to change cannabis stereotypes. You can start from the beginning.   Years of stereotypes and brainwashing won’t disappear overnight. It will take work on [...]


Together We Can! How to Reframe Cannabis in a Positive Light

How many people have rolled their eyes when you tell them you’re in cannabis? Do you find people saying things like, “Oh I bet you are. How much do you smoke? What, you sit around and smoke and [...]


Cannabis Women’s Empowerment Summit Recap

  Connecting with Cannabis Women On July 22, hundreds of women gathered on a hot summer day in a studio in Los Angeles. The purpose was to network and meet other like-minded women in the [...]

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